Vision, Mission & Values


To enhance the health and wellbeing of our community, by increasing the diversity and flexibility of services, and building alliances within our region.



The Mission Statement of the Lorne Community Hospital is to provide high quality care through provision of a range of viable and integrated health, aged and community care services.



  • We strongly adhere to moral and ethical principals
  • We act with sound moral character and honesty
  • We earn trust through professional behaviour
  • We are loyal to colleagues and the organisation
  • We value the qualities, beliefs and abilities of individuals
  • We have empathy and compassion
  • We encourage, support and nourish self esteem
  • We positively assist learning and development
  • We are responsible for quality of care, services and teamwork.
  • We transparently report and explain
  • We are answerable for the consequences resulting from our actions.

Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Strategic Project – Accommodation Unit Upgrade

This project will extensively upgrade the existing Matron’s flat on the hospital site (built 1960’s) to provide three flexible accommodation options. The unit will be used by on-call doctors, nursing staff, weekend and holiday locums who provide 24 hour care. In addition, it will increase opportunities to have students on placement and extra staff required to meet peak demand or provide specialised skills. The project will commence in 2013 and be completed in November 2014.

Strategic Priorities

Priority 1 – Financial accountability and sustainability.

Ensure a strategic approach to financial and asset management that provides targets for performance and sustainability.

Priority 2 – Enabling people and developing culture.

Provide an enabling organisational culture and work environment that supports staff and the community to optimize their ability to achieve realistic goals.

Priority 3 – Partnering for positive health outcomes for our community

Ensure strong and effective partnerships exist with other providers, people and services to improve health outcomes for the community.