Fundraising & Donations

The generosity of our community has helped our hospital to provide health services for the past 50 years. Each year individuals and organisations give donations, grants and bequests to Lorne Community Hospital for many reasons – in support of our annual appeal, recognition of the care they’ve received or through our fundraising events. How do we use donations?

Lorne Community Hospital manages and distributes all donations and ensures all funds are allocated to the areas donors nominate.

Our Accommodation Unit Upgrade is a fantastic example of how donations from individuals, community groups and bequests have translated directly into providing three alternative accommodation options for our staff, on-call doctors and weekend and holiday locums – providing locals wth 24hour care.

The following lists outline the main avenues we use donations, to assist us in providing the best possible heathcare.

Advanced Medical Equipment

Education and Training

Care Facilities

Building and Development

Our  Murray to Moyne Sponsors

So many of our ongoing sponsors support us through tax deductable donations, matched giving and community group fundraising activities. We would like to formally thank them for the opportunities they so generously provide.
Foodworks          Wye General                     Lions

Great Ocean Road                    Bendigo Bank

Acacia Pest Control                                                             Josh Crosbie Architects

 2019 Annual Appeal                                             

Lorne Community Hospital is launching its 2019 Annual Appeal to raise funds to expand our gymnasium.

Lorne Community Hospital wants to help all sections of the Lorne community move better, feel healthier, pursue active lifestyles, and live longer. We also want to offer physical rehabilitation after
illness or injury, for full restoration to employment, sport and active lifestyle.

Your donations will assist us to provide the care our community needs and ensure our Hospital and staff remain at the forefront of rural healthcare.

Download this years Annual Appeal Letter , Donor Form and Brochure

Or simply call us on 03 5289-4300.

Lorne Community and Hospital Auxiliary Inc is a major sponsor of the Lorne Community Hospital through funds raised at the Lorne Op Shop.

The committee and all of the volunteers do an amazing work as they continued their tradition of endowment to the hospital, and community groups.

Throughout the year, the Hospitals staff are able to put together a wish- list of items that they will know – improve safety, staff efficiency & the quality of each day for so many patients and residents

From the day to day to the big picture the members of the Lorne Op Shop support this hospital in so many ways. The amazing contribution to the redevelopment of the accommodation unit has produced benefits for hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the coming decades.

The Op Shop is located in Lorne’s main shopping strip on Mountjoy Parade, phone 5289 2104. New volunteers are always welcome, if you are interested please contact the President of the Lorne Op Shop.

Lorne Op Shop Ladies

Thank you for your interest in leaving a gift for the Hospital in your will.

By including a bequest to the Lorne Community Hospital in your Will you are helping to ensure the longevity of rural health in the surfcoast community and the continuation of such an important health service.

You may wish to leave a bequest for the hospital’s general purpose, a specific project or a specific purpose fund. Please talk with us so that we understand your wishes and can truly honour your intent.

Please download the Bequest brochure

Wording for you will

We recommend that you seek legal advice with the writing of your will. The below wording may be of assistance. Lorne Pier-009

Using the below wording, you are able to decide if you would like to give a specific sum of money, an asset such as property or your residual estate, the remainder of your estate once debts have been paid and all other gifts have been distributed.

“I give free of all duties, death estate succession or otherwise, payable in consequence of my death the sum of $ (insert dollar amount)

or, my property located at (insert address) being the land described in Certificate of Title (insert volume numbers)

or , rest and residue of my Estate free of all duties and taxes payable at my death (if any),

for its general purposes to Lorne Community Hospital, Albert Street Lorne Victoria, Australia 3232 to be applied for its general purposes thereof and I declare that the receipt of the CEO or other proper officer of the Hospital shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Executors.”

You may wish to leave a bequest for the hospital’s general purpose, a specific project or a scholarship. Please talk with us so that we understand your wishes and can truly honour your intent.

So many businesses and organisations have contributed to the wellbeing of our community in the past 12 months – THANK YOU

If you would like more information as to how you or your business can help, please contact Katy Kennedy, Fundraising Coordinator on 5289-4300 or