Over the past three months the Boards of Management of Otway Health and Lorne Community Hospital explored further opportunities for sharing of resources and potential partnership in new health initiatives.

In summary, these discussions found that by working closer together, we expect to see:

  • Increased scope and quality of health services delivered locally;
  • Enhanced sustainability and increased stability of GP services along the coast;
  • Benefits from improved operational efficiency that can be directed towards enhancing patient care;
  • Improved operational effectiveness that improves quality and patient safety; and
  • Increased attraction of additional high calibre staff.

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Each health facility would continue to operate their Urgent Care, Acute Care and Residential Aged Care services, just as they do now.

It is important the communities are involved in helping shape their health services and to communicate the priorities that are of most importance to them.

To enable this discussion, a series of talks will be held where community members can meet with the Board and Management. These talks are designed to facilitate two-way conversations that will help the two health services understand community needs as we move forward.

‘Tea Talks’ will commence in April. To register your interest to attend a 45 minute session, please contact:

Otway Health

E: CAC.OH@swarh.vic.gov.au

P: (03) 5237 8500

Lorne Community Hospital

E: info.lorne@swarh.vic.gov.au

P: (03) 5289 4386