This may come to many women as a surprise but heart disease contributes to more deaths among women than most forms of cancer

Around 23,455 women die from cardio vascular in Australia every year, compared with 21,937 men. That’s around three women every hour. Another unknown statistic is up to 40% of women who have a heart attack will not experience classic signs, such as chest pain

So what are the warning signs of a heart attack that women are ignoring;

  1. Neck – you may feel a general discomfort in your neck or a chocking or burning feeling in your throat. This discomfort may spread from your chest or shoulders to your neck.
  2. Shoulders – you may experience a general ache, heaviness or pressure around one or both of your shoulders. This discomfort may spread from your chest to your shoulder(s).
  3. Arms – you may feel pain, discomfort, heaviness or uselessness in one or both arms. This may also feel like numbness or tingling. This discomfort may also spread from your chest to your arm(s).
  4. Jaw – you may feel an ache or tightness in and around your lower jaw on one or both sides. This discomfort can spread from your chest to jaw.
  5. Back – you may feel a dull ache in between your shoulder blades. This discomfort can spread from your chest to your back.
  6. Chest – you may feel pain, heaviness, tightness pressure or a crushing sensation in the centre of your chest. This discomfort may be mild and make you feel generally unwell.

You may also feel nauseous, dizzy, a cold sweat and shortness of breath/ fatigue.

To coincide with National Heart Week from 1-5 May, why not book an appointment with your GP or Practise Nurse to check your heart health. This may include talking about your family history, taking your blood pressure, taking a sample to check your cholesterol and blood sugar level and checking your weight/diet.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.