Our Services

Lorne Community Hospital welcomes a diverse range of clients and aims to provide a high quality service to meet your needs.

Local communities of Lorne, Aireys Inlet, Fairhaven, Wye River and Deans March are our primary catchment.

We also encourage holiday visitors, tourists and non-permanent residents to access our services if needed during your stay, or by booking the services in advance via Hospital reception on 5289 4300.

A – F

Acute Care

Lorne Community Hospital has flexible and acute beds for public and private patients. We can accommodate patients requiring acute care, basic rehabilitation, restorative and palliative acute care. Patients are provided with 24 hour nursing care supported by the on-site General Medical practice. Daily medical review and an after hours ‘on call’ service is available when required.

Advanced care planning

The service has consultants who can assist you to prepare an Advance Care Plan. If were to be seriously ill, would your family be aware of your wishes? They might need to make decisions about intensive care and medical procedures. An Advanced Care Plan allows you to express your choices for the future healthcare and ensures they are respected. Please contact Lorne Hospital for appointments.

Alcohol and Drug Recovery

The Alcohol and Drug Recovery program will partner Otway Health or Lorne Community Hospital and Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery Inc. to provide recovery services through telehealth technology either on site at the Hospital or potentially in the comfort of the client’s own home depending on accessibility.

Clients can engage in recovery either through self-identification, referral or community order.

This personalised model will include a continual loop of care between, General Practitioners, community nurses, and care coordinators with the recovery services providing a wraparound service for each client. As this model becomes integrated into our care practices, Otway Health, Lorne Community Hospital and Windana will explore what other services can be offered through this channel, including professional development services to on site staff to increase service capacity.

For further information contact the Lorne Community Hospital on 5289 4300 or Otway Health on 5237 8500.

Download our Alcohol and Drug Recovery brochure





Hearing Aid Specialists Geelong provide hearing services to private clients and eligible pensioners under the Office of hearing Services Program. The hearing clinic at Lorne operates on the third Wednesday of each month.

Cancer Support

A group of young people with families affected by cancer meets regularly at the Lorne School for support and fun activities. For further information phone the Health Promotion Coordinator.

Childbirth Classes

A Childbirth Education Program is offered at Lorne Community Hospital. The sessions are conducted according to demand. All expected parents and their support people are welcome to attend. The sessions are usually run over 5 weeks in the evenings in the Hospital seminar room. Topics include: exercise, breast feeding, support in labour, pain relief, care of the newborn and of the new parents! Our sessions are informal and friendly. Please contact reception to register your interest.


Lorne Community Hospital aims to ensure that all procurement activities are conducted according to procedure in an open and fair manner, represent value for money and occur without bias, favour or prejudice.

All staff involved in procurement activities are governed by Lorne Community Hospital’s Procurement Policy and Code of Conduct to ensure fairness in our dealings with suppliers.

Complaints are valued by Lorne Community Hospital as they help improve its policies, systems and service delivery.

If you feel that you have not been treated fairly in relation to a procurement activity undertaken by Lorne Community Hospital, it is recommended that in the first instance, you attempt to resolve the issue through direct dialogue with the Lorne Community Hospital staff member responsible for the activity.

If the issue cannot be resolved through dialogue, you can lodge a formal complaint which must be submitted in writing to the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO);

  • by Letter to Chief Procurement Officer, Lorne Community Hospital, Albert Street, LORNE 3232.
  • by e-mail to mmarkham.lorne@swarh.vic.gov.au; or
  • by Fax to 03 5289 2313

The written complaint must set out:

  • the basis for the complaint (specifying the issues involved);
  • how the circumstances relating to the complaint (and the specific issues) affect you or your organisation;
  • any relevant background information; and
  • the expected corrective outcome.

There is no financial charge for making a procurement complaint. All complaints will be treated as confidential and there will be no adverse repercussions for a complainant.

The CPO will allocate the complaint to an authorised staff member to investigate the complaint or to any other authorised staff member as deemed necessary. The CPO will ensure that any complaints received relating to a particular staff member are not investigated or responded to by that individual.

All complaints will be dealt with in a timely manner:

  • Formal complaints will be acknowledged within two working days;
  • In the majority of cases, investigation(s) are to be completed within thirty working days; and
  • If the investigation is anticipated to take longer than thirty working days, you will be notified of the likely response date.

The investigating officer may throughout the course of their investigation, be required to meet or make contact with you to either clarify any issues of seek further information.

Continence Consultant

A visiting Continence Consultant is currently available through Colac Area Health. Please contact Lorne Community Hospital for an assessment and to make further arrangements.


Our Psychologist Dr Jennette (Jay) Robinson attends the Hospital every Wednesday and is available to in-patients and community clients. Referrals can be via your medical practitioner or you can self-refer. Please phone Hospital reception on 5289 4300 for a Psychologist appointment.

Diabetes Education

Appointments with a diabetes educator can be booked through the Lorne Medical Centre on 5289 4333.


Appointments with a diabetes educator can be booked through the Lorne Medical Centre on 5289 4333.

District Nursing

The District Nursing service can accept referrals from clients, family and friends, as well as from other medical professionals. The home nursing service is available Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm. After hours and weekend visits can be arranged depending on clinical need. This service is supported by funding from the Australian and Victorian Governments under the HACC program.

Exercise Classes

The benefits of exercise at all ages and stages of life is well known, and Lorne Community Hospital supports healthy exercise by providing a range of options to meet different needs. Please phone 5289 4300 for more information on our current classes.

Warm Water Exercise Class brochure

Exercise Physiology

Our Exercise Physiologist specialises in creating safe and realistic exercise programs for people of all ages and abilities.  People who need to change their lifestyle habits to either prevent or manage chronic health conditions, will benefit from these sessions.

Fee Structure

Fees may vary according to the program or service provided. Some services are private clinics and charge private rates. Please check with the provider. Ask for our fees policy brochure for further information – (PDF Fees policy brochure).

G – N

Gamblers Help

This is a confidential advisory and therapeutic counselling service for people, or someone close to them, who have a gambling problem. Financial counselling is also available.

General Practice

The Lorne Medical Centre operates from the lower floor of the Lorne Community Hospital. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm. Also open some weekends during the holiday season. Home visits by arrangement. Phone 5289 4333 to book an appointment.


Dr Judith Fleming is a visiting Consultant Gynaecologist who offers appointments at the Lorne Medical centre. Dr Fleming consults in Lorne every second week and is able to offer follow up surgery if required at Colac Hospital.


Lorne Community Hospital has a Haemodialysis Unit, with chairs available for the resident and holiday population including visitors from interstate or overseas. This is a satellite unit of the Barwon Health Renal Dialysis unit, which directs, supports and supplies the Lorne service. For further information, please contact the Hospital on 5289 4300.

Health Coaching

Health coaching can be defined as helping patients gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active participants in their care so that they can reach their self-identified health goals.

Who is eligible?

People with or at risk of:

  • Cardiac disease (high blood pressure, cholesterol, stents, bypass etc.)
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Lung Disease (emphysema, bronchitis)

People with injuries such as back pain, rotator cuff, hip replacement are also welcome. We also run a wide range of exercise programs, most days of the week.

Heart Function Testing

Dr Jayne Graves, Cardiac Sonographer will be based at the Lorne Medical Centre every second Friday. Jayne currently specialises in performing Echocardiogram and Stress Echo tests. To find our more information, please contact the Lorne Medical Centre on 5289 4333.

Health Promotion

Health is much more than the absence of disease – it is a resource for everyday life. A person’s health is affected by many factors including their emotional state, their physical health, their social connections and their spirituality.

Lactation Consultant

The lactation consultant is available by appointment and home visits can be arranged. Breast feeding can be difficult at the start but often with extra support, families can have a long and happy breast feeding experience. Please contact the Hospital reception to arrange an appointment.

Lung Health

The service offers education and support to people with any lung condition. Asthma education is available for all ages including and understanding of the condition, preventative measures, symptoms and correct use of inhalers. Similar education is available for people with chronic lung conditions. Lung function tests are also available.

Male Health

The Hospital is working with local schools and community groups to develop positive health programs for males of all ages – boys to older men. Please contact the Hospital on 5289 4300 for further information.

Massage and Bowen Therapy

At the Lorne Medical Centre our Massage/Bowen Therapist offers a range of different techniques such as Bowen Therapy, Emmett technique, therapeutic, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy and Indian head massage. To make an appointment, contact the Lorne Medical Centre on 5289 4333. Healthcare rebates apply.

Maternal and Child Health

Maternal and Child Health Line is a state wide 24 hour service for families with children from birth to 6 years. Counselling, support, information and advise provided by maternal and child health staff. A Maternal Child Care Nurse visits Lorne every second Wednesday at the Lorne Fig Tree Community House – contact Surf Coast Shire on 5261 0600.

Immunisations sessions are held on the first Wednesday of each month at the Lorne Fig Tree Community House. Contact Surf Coast Shire on 52610600.

Meals on Wheels

‘Meals on Wheels’ home delivered meals can be arranged 5 days per week for local residents in need of support, with the option of weekend meals available. Ordering through the Home Care Office at the Surf Coast Shire on 52 5261 0600.

Mental Health Nurse
Any GP can make referrals to a nurse with specialised mental health training. A patient Mental Health Plan will help identify, asses and treat illness such as depression and anxiety.

O – Z

Occupational Therapy

The Lorne Community Hospital provides an Occupational Therapy service to Nursing Home residents, in-patients and community clients. Referrals can be via your medical practitioner or you can self-refer. Please phone Hospital reception for an occupational therapist appointment.


Optometrists are not only concerned about the health of your eyes but also aim to provide a personalized service which integrates with your overall healthcare. Please contact the Lorne Medical Centre on 5289 4333 to book an appointment.


The physiotherapist attends the Hospital on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week and is available to community clients, in patients and aged care residents. Referrals can be made through a GP, or you can self-refer. Gym classes are also available.

Additional services are available during summer holiday period, enquire at Hospital reception.


The Lorne Community Hospital is funded to provide podiatry under the Home and Community Care program. A District Nurse health assessment is required and fees depend on the client’s ability to pay. A Veterans (DVA) service is also available. Surf Coast Podiatry conducts a session once a month. The service is for people of all ages. This is a private service and fees will apply. Please phone Hospital reception for a podiatry appointment with either service.

Postnatal Care

Lorne Community Hospital provides home visits when new mothers are discharged from the hospital where they gave birth. The hospital where the birth has occurred will notify Lorne Community Hospital if visits are required or requested. The midwife from LCH will phone the new mother at home to arrange a time that suits. There is no charge to the mother for these visits.


For further information, please read the below document.

Annual Procurement Activity Plan 2017-18

Annual Procurement Activity Plan 2018-2019

Report of Operations 2017-2018

Consultant Purpose of consultancy Start date End date  

Total approved project fee (excluding GST)

Expenditure 2017-18 (excluding GST) Future expenditure (excluding GST)




Software Design & Development


July 2017 June 2019 $66,960  





Education and Mentorship


July 2017 June 2019 $58,788  







Our Psychologist’s attends the Hospital on a regular basis and is available to in-patients and community clients. Referrals can be via your medical practitioner or you can self-refer. Please phone Hospital reception on 5289 4300 for a Psychologist appointment.

Senior’s Transport Service

This service is provided by volunteers and coordinated by Lorne Community Hospital and Surf Coast Shire. The service operates every Tuesday and provides local transport for seniors who have difficulty driving or walking to appointments. The mini-bus will collect seniors from their home for transport to appointments and to the main street for shopping, pharmacy or other errands if required. It can be used for transport to visit friends. For more information, please phone the Hospital on 5289 4300.

Social Worker

Our social worker can help you when things are tough and you feel you’ve got no one to turn to.

You can talk to us about:

  • family and domestic violence
  • thoughts of suicide or self harm
  • being a young person without support
  • a personal or family crisis
  • the death of a family member or someone close to you
  • mental health concerns
  • if you’re affected by a natural disaster

For further information or to book an appointment, please contact the Lorne Medical Centre on 5289 4333.

Smoking Cessation Clinics

Staff facilitating the smoking cessation program are trained in the latest methods of successful smoking cessation. The program involves individual consultations and tailored medication regimes to suit you. For further information, please contact the Hospital on 5289 4300.


Lorne Medical Centre provides support for video consultations with Telehealth Enabled Specialists in other health services, such as Barwon Health. This service not only reduces the need for travel but supports people with chronic conditions to manage their health.

Urgent Care

The Urgent Care service provides 24 hour nursing care by staff competent in patient triage, comprehensive assessment and advance life support. The Lorne Medical Centre aims to provide 24 hour ‘on call’ medical care to support the service. Transfers are arranged if specialised medical or surgical management is required. Fees for medical care and ambulance transport may be charged to the provider.

Volunteer Program

The volunteer program promotes community involvement and provides a vital link between the community and Lorne Community Hospital for the enrichment of all. The hospital focuses on recognising the significant contribution that volunteers make. All our volunteers are considered integral to patient care.

Women’s Health

Women’s health assessments and information can be provided at the Lorne Community hospital by appointment with a women’s health nurse. Further women’s health services can be assessed through the Lorne Medical Centre practise nurse.



X-rays are available as a limited triage service for emergencies, dependent on availability of appropriately trained staff at the Hospital. X-rays can be taken by the qualified GP’s and Nurses, with a direct link to Barwon Health Medical Imaging.