Support Services


Lorne Community Hospital provides onsite catering services for Patients and Residents.

All meals are prepared fresh daily by a very dedicated team. Annually we undergo certification with our Food Safety Program.

Cleaning is conducted by in-house staff. The cleaning staff continue to achieve above benchmark results for audits which are a requirement of the Cleaning standards. This result is reported via the Victorian Government Infectious Diseases website, “IDEAS” 


The facility and equipment is maintained by a preventative maintenance program which is conducted in house along with contracted services for equipment to meet required standards.

Waste Management

Lorne Community Hospital has an Environmental Management Plan. This plan assists us to develop effective environmental management/sustainability by providing the tools, resources and networking to maintain it.

Lorne Community Hospital actively participates in co-mingle recycling and was instrumental in obtaining a commercial recycling program for the businesses of Lorne. Our cleaning staff use steam cleaners and micro-fibre cleaning procedures which has significantly reduced water consumption and has almost eliminated the use of chemicals.

Support Services Manager

Phone: 52894314
Fax: 5289 2313

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